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  1. AnaJolie

    Creatures of Habit

    Well then why don’t you make topics to entice conversation and bring other people here? How do you start new things? I don’t thing reflecting on the obvious that has nothing to do with here helps get things going? It’s like starting a new relationship and only wanting reflect on what went...
  2. AnaJolie

    Is This Forum still live?

    I feel it’s alive BUT it takes everyone to keep it going 😉
  3. AnaJolie

    New free Directory

    @Lexi TranSex you told me you were having issues?
  4. AnaJolie

    gglove is here.

    Welcome to the forum babe
  5. AnaJolie

    Getting the forum going!

    Thanks babe
  6. AnaJolie

    Getting the forum going!

    So I have been sitting here just watching the paint dry so to speak. In order to get the forum going it is going to be a collective effort. I think it would be a huge help if the guys who made reviews on the other site to copy and paste their reviews over here. To be honest things don’t happen...
  7. AnaJolie

    Let's get the party started

    Can’t wait to see this place grow. Welcome to all, thanks for the new digs @Mergen xxx
  8. AnaJolie

    Ana Jolie London Sept 8&9 Toronto Sept 16&17&18

    These are my final dates for these cities for at least a year catch me while you can. I am going to destroy you. I cannot wait to own you. Extremely limited availability. London Sept 8&9 Toronto Sept 16&17&18