My first time with Ana :)


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What can I say about Ana that hasn’t been said here before ..

I was very patient coz I kept seeing her ad and reviews on the forum and decided I wanted finally wanted see her a week before I got her number from her ads here and I messaged her got a reply from her right away send we exchanged a few messages till she told me she hasn’t seen a client in 2 years and if I wanted to be her first which I was right away excited about . I sent her the deposit to ensure my appointment and boy after that everyday was harder and harder .

Comes the Friday I got ready cleaned up all nice and left to go see her got a bit of traffic coz there was a accident on highway which I let her know and she was super chill about that . I got to the hotel messaged her I had reached , she messaged me with all the info and here I go to her room which was super easy to find got to the room it was super clean left her donation on the table for her chatted for a bit then she asked me to get to the shower which she had already turned on for me . I went In cleaned my self and came out when she offered to rub my back dry then she asked me to lay in bed I was very shy and nervous which I told her to which she walked on the other side of the bed and pull out her glorious beautiful cock and asked me to suck it . I obeyed and went straight to sucking her beautiful cock she kept getting harder and harder till she was her full length and I was gagging on her monster . I was down there for a while when she said she was ready to give me her first load and asked me to lay on my back and licked her balls while she was ready getting ready to cum and gave me a nice warm load in my mouth which I gobbled it , the. Asked her if I can rim her beautiful ass which she said fuck yes and down I go licking her beautiful hole .

She then asked if I was ready to take her in me which I was nervous but I wanted it so I obeyed and followed her direction . She lubed me up good and put Rubber on her monster and she then slowly let it in inch by inch she talked me through the whole pleasureful process till she was all in which I was surprised I was able to take it
she let that sit for a bit till I started to loosen up a bit then she went slowly and fucked me good till she was ready to give me another load she pulled out her monster and gave me another warm juice the. She asked me to clean up to which I thought it was done and boy was I wrong I came out of washroom after cleaning up and she threw a pillow on the floor asked me to get on my knees and get her hard again coz she wasn’t just done with me . I got her hard again then started stroking her monster which sucking to which she complimented my skills and asked if I was ready for another load to which I said plz looking up to beautiful tits and face while sucking her . She then took the rubber off asked me to lick her balls and she gave me another load and said she’s not gonna have anything left for others haha .

She was still hard at this point and asked me to get on bed with my four Down and she lubed up again and she went in started slow but gradually started pounding me deep boy I was in heaven and beyond at this point to which after a good while she said she’s gonna give me another load and I was surprised to how she was able to so many times this ti e she had me on my knees and let ie all over my face , she then gathered it all up and put it in my mouth which I gobbled it again .
She then asked me if I wanted to clean up which I said I would like to as I was walking in bathroom she showed me my face with a little bit of her beautiful juice still on my face and asked me I should leave like that which I would have if I didn’t have people to see after . Cleaned up came out dressed up talked a bit more I complimented her tattoos then she kissed me a good bye .

Ana is a beautiful human and she cares about her clients and is one of the best provider which I was an absolute pleasure to see . I can’t wait to see u again Ana also we discuss for a duo with Lexi her and me to which she said would be the best time of my life haha which I look forward to Lexi plz come visit Toronto soon and we can make this happen …

Sorry I tried my best to share my experience the best possible way I can not the best at writing but hope u all enjoy it .

Lexi TranSex

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What a fantastic review, she never lets her sexy friends down🍌💦💦💦 sending everybody lots of love and care for today and every day let’s make it happen