Suzy Hung - 2nd visit Nov 2022


I have been trying to meet up again with Suzy for a couple of weeks, and last week, I finally arranged another session just after 1PM, and made my way to her Mississauga locale.
After I arrived, she gave me two gentle kisses, told me to kick off my shoes and coat, then led me to her gently liight bedroom.

She began to strip down, and beckoned me to do the same. When we were both only wearing our underwear, she kissed me again, then Suzy was completely naked. She leaned over the bed, and I pressed my face into her backside and thrust my tongue into her rosebud. I elicited some moans from her as I tongued her. I then lost my underwear, and joined her up on the bed.

She motioned to me to lay my head down on her pillow, and she knelt beside me, offering her soft, but substantial penis. I took her head into my mouth and gently began to suck. It felt wonderful in my mouth, and using suction and my tongue, I did my best to bring her to a full arousal. I pushed her entire length into my mouth to the back of my mouth and felt her soft shaft firm up as it became harder and longer.

Suzy moved from my side and knelt over me, holding my head and pushing in further. I could feel my gag reflex triggering, but I couldn’t stop, and I continued to swallow her until she pulled back and came on my open mouth.

I licked and sucked her afterwards, and again after throating her intoxicating member, I grabbed her ass and pulled her in so that my lips reached her base. I couldn’t help myself, and kept up until she again pulled back and came in my mouth.

With a bit of a moment to rest, the suggestion for my “deflowering” was made!! She stood at the base of the bed, and I scooted to the edge on my back, pulled up my legs and rested my feet on her shoulders.
On came the rubber, and some lube and she began to push that massive piece of flesh against my rectum.
The head popped in, and I admit it hurt at first (even with some pre-visit stretching), but Suzy kept the pressure on and soon pushed it all the way to the hilt.

In no time my initial pain turned to pleasure, and my eyes, which had initially been closed, opened to see her pounding away into me, her large breasts right in view. I reached up to touch them while I was being turned inside out…..

After some time getting filled to the hilt, Suzy backed off, and we both took a break (and both cleaned up a bit) before returning to the bed. Last time I rode her, but this time I really wanted to feel her in my mouth one more time.

I suctioned her, with a great deal of emphasis at the top of her head, with subsequent drives down to her root. She cautioned me that if I continued, she’d come again, but couldn’t stop.
She instructed me to jack my cock while I serviced her engorged member, and I did so, with my other hand holding her shaft, occasionally banging her against my face, and then lunging down again.

I could tell she was about to come again, and I pulled her in to the bottom and held it there while she loosed her last load directly into my throat..

We both laid back for a few minutes and talked, and she offered me another clean-up, which I declined at that time..
Shortly afterwards, dressed and ravished, I went to the front door, took a departing kiss or two, and was on my way!
Thanks again for the return visit Suzy!


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